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  3. woensdag 24 oktober 2018

does anybody know, if there is a Dutch language file for Phoca Cart extension.

If yes, will be great to get a copy or link to this file.

Thank you, Jan
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Ter info: de poster is de ontwikkelaar van de Phoca extensies. Ik laat dit topic daarom open ondanks dat het in het Engels is. :)

Hello Jan. Normally we close non-Dutch topics but this is Dutch related. That's what I somewhat wrote in the first line. ;)
I haven't seen any questions about Phoca Cart on this forum as far as I can remember but hopefully someone has translated the language file into Dutch.
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Hi, thank you, I just got the question about the Dutch language so before I will do machine translation, I just ask if there is some.

Thank you. Jan
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It solved now. Thank to Carel Fontein.
(it can be downloaded on project page)
Thank you
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