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Is er een tool om een site om te vormen van WordPress naar Joomla zonder data-verlies?
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Hier is een nooit gepubliceerde blog daarover van mij. Is vrijwel af maar wel in het Engels. Je kan dus hiervoor J2XML gebruiken.

I sometimes see people asking questions about how to transfer posts from WordPress to Joomla. It’s something I didn’t have any experience with so I never could answer those questions but I recently had to do it myself. There is one website I maintain that is built in Wordpress and since the theme is no longer supported it was due for a makeover and I suggested doing it in Joomla, since I know Joomla and also can keep it safer.

I’m not sure how but I noticed that the extension J2XML, which I already used in the past for transferring data between Joomla! installs, has a WP plugin. For those unfamiliar with J2XML, this is an extension from Helios Ciancio and has been around from the 1.5 days (at least, that’s how long I can remember). It is used for exporting and importing content in Joomla and if you install the WP plugin you can also import the content from Wordpress.

So here’s what I did, I made an export of the content of my WordPress website (Extra - Export) and chose just to export the posts. I then went to my fresh Joomla install, which already has J2XML and the WP plugin installed. I opened J2XML from the Components menu and opened and imported the WordPress export from there.

Now all posts are imported into Joomla as articles with their corresponding categories. The only thing is that all formatting has to be fine tuned (at least I had to do it) and all images are still linked to the WordPress website. Also the author is unknown but since you edit the articles you can easily correct his.

This is an easy start of migrating your content from Wordpress without having any programming knowledge. J2XML is a free extension, if you work with it and like it, consider donating something to the developer! His website is https://www.eshiol.it/
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