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Discover BeautyPlus - a powerful photo taking and editing tool

More than 800 million self-portraits are edited on BeautyPlus. There must be a reason. Let’s find out in our below article. 
BeautyPlus is a photo editing application on smartphones developed by CommSource Technology Co. Ltd. Recently, it has become a big hit in the selfie editing industry. 

BeautyPlus provides users with incredible photo editing tools such as whitening, removing acne, making eyes wider, increasing height, etc. All magic is in one app - That’s so lovely. 
BeautyPlus has strong coordination with top makeup professionals, talented photographers, and excellent staff who deeply understand what you need. It is an easy-to-use tool, and you'll love it right from the first use.

With the help of this tool, you can erase the bruises on the skin, increase the brightness of the image, and can add border frames and decorative images to the image.

BeautyPlus has a fairly simple and easy to use design. All options are sorted and sorted appropriately, so you will always know the location of the effects you want to use.

At the same time, this software also supports photo sharing. After editing and obtaining satisfactory results, users can send photos via email or Bluetooth or post to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. 

Don't wait to discover Beautyplus at top1apk.com right now. 

Key features 

Take selfies smartly

5 levels of portrait adjustment for users to choose with one-touch operation.

Smart exposure to take beautiful pictures even in areas that lack natural light. BeautyPlus cameras have the ideal light sensitivity without flash support.

Detect lots of faces in real time. Instead of taking a selfie alone, why don’t you take a picture with groups of friends and family? 

Switch to the back camera to experience photos that are 22 times as many as those taken by the front camera.

Auto-shooting function in 3 seconds allows you to take awesome pictures with hands-free mode.

Share photos instantly on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Beautify your photos effectively 

Smooth and bright skin: remove acne, dark freckles, optimize skin tones and give you a healthy, smooth skin.

Slimming: lift the nose, slim the face, make the body thin by only one simple touch. 

Remove dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. 

Brighten and enlarge eyes to attract viewers. 

Charming smile: whiten and brighten your teeth in the most natural and easy way.

Edit pics professionally 

Blur: Selfie photos will become more professional with blurry pixels. Just swipe your finger to choose.

Cut photos: perfect images in neat and delicate corners. Click to adjust the size and angle.

Professional control: Zooming, stretching, and image rotation give you creative freedom in photos, with only the simplest steps.

For more features, please go to Downloadapk.

How to download and use BeautyPLus 



Go to the Google Play store and search BeautyPlus. 

Click on the first result and choose “Install”. 

Wait a minute, and it will be automatically downloaded in seconds. 


Step 1: You open BeautyPlus application for your portable devices after installing successfully.

Step 2: Next, in the first time, the system will send a message asking the user to confirm the permissions of this application, press Select. And then to start BeautyPlus, you press the "Camera" icon to proceed. 

Step 3: You can choose attractive shooting modes when using BeautyPlus such as 

Delete background, record videos, take Anime-style photos by selecting them at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: With smileys, we can add adorable sticker effects to make the selfie photo more unique.

Step 5: Next is the Filter icon. Here you will select the color filters to get a more modern and lively pic. 

Step 6: Finally, it is the Beauty feature section, where you can customize the beauty level on your phone through the BeautyPlus features provided to users such as smoothing skin, tapering chin, big eyes, etc. 

While many other applications allow users to “make up” their photos, BeautyPlus brings a different approach. Instead of makeup, this software automatically corrects so as to accentuate the natural beauty and uniqueness of the person in the picture. Besides, if you do not want to use the natural photo editing feature, you can completely edit images according to your own with a lot of filters, effects and other tools in BeautyPlus. 

In addition to BeautyPlus, you also can try YouCam Perfect. 

BeautyPlus alternatives 

Create selfie photos to become more perfect. YouCam Perfect for Android will bring a beautiful natural interface right from the moment of taking pictures. It also includes a set of tools for editing photos. Users can refresh tired eyes, adjust skin tone and make yourself look like you're starting a holiday. 

YouCam Perfect's latest feature for Android

Take pictures with different frame rates: 4: 3, 16: 9 and 1: 1.

Switch easily between shooting modes: Touch, Face Detection and Wave.

Additional automatic shooting time setting.

Improved face recognition feature.

Lovely effects and eye-catching Christmas theme stickers.

Edit photo selfies instantly with new filter groups

Wrapping it up! 

No need to be jealous of other people’s outstanding pictures. Today, thanks to BeautyPlus or YouCam Perfect, you also can make others admire yours. Get your mobile installed with this app now and enjoy it totally free. Take action before they become a paid app! And don't forget to check out more Camera App Best At Top1Apk.
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